May 6th, 2017



THE LAST KINGDOM 2 ended on an action-packed note, with a high body count (Alas!) I'm still impressed by how much the series has improved.
VERSAILLES continues a laugh a minute. Even weirder than the dramatic antics are those two historians (?) who simper and gibber for a few minutes at the end of each episode. What are they on?
I started to watch Tarranrino's THE HATEFUL EIGHT, which is very long, but, so far not bad. Reminds me a bit of THE REVENANT, with its wintry atmosphere. Good cast, too.
The election results were grim, if not surprising. We could well end up with a Tory landslide next month. Heaven help us.
Still struggling to do the simplest of chores, paperwork, etc. My lurgy seems to be almost gone, though.
In addition to my usual TV and DVD watching, I've been reading one of those showbiz biographies I'm shamefully addicted to, IN SPITE OF MYSELF, a memoir by Chrsitopher Plummer. It's over 700 pages! He's a proper luvvie, with an enviable amount of self-esteem, a tendency to refer to all and sundry as 'dear so-and-so', etc. However, I can't help but vicariously enjoy all the olden days high life,hobnobbing with all sorts of legends, exotic travel, sex galore, etc. To top it off, Mr Plummer, now in his late 80's, is still absurdly handsome. Life is sooo unfair. Fap!


The scanner is totally out of my control, now. Bah.