April 14th, 2017


Wotta World...

Managed to get my 'workout' done fairly early, and went down to Queenstown Road, to give that new coffee shop another chance. It was crazy busy, as usual. The patrons seem to be mostly camp hipster types, with wee beards and beanies, very smart-casual. The women are also well trendy. I felt like a bag lady.  I ordered a skinny mocha (£3.00!) which was quite small, and tasted like mud the Mummy had just waded through. Ain't goin' there no more. (There's a nice little dog in residence, though.) The Caffe Nero just opposite is actually much comfier, and the drinks are better. Coffee Lovers is still shut, alas.
Woke up to jolly 'Mother of all bombs' headlines. This whole month so far feels like the most grotesque  yet; landslides, various  terrorrist actions nearly every day, Trump carrying on  in full Caligula mode, Great Barrier Reef dying, etc. Looks like the North Koreans have another jolly demo of their kill potential in store for us today, too.
It's one of those scanner says no days, too, so no doodles. Fap!