April 7th, 2017


Go Away! It's Too Soon!...

Whew, this has been a bad ten days or so for natural disasters, massacres and stuff. Heaven only knows what Trump's attack on Syria will lead to. "This world is wild at heart, and weird on top."...
I tried to go to the Strand to pick up my new specs, but everything's diverted, or just plain not running. (Road closures for repairs.) and although it was a nice day, I didn't feel up to schlepping on foot from Lambeth Bridge. It can wait.
I feel really overheated already, and it's going to be propery summery over the weekend...and oh Lordy, the pollen!
Tried to  set up the new NOW box. Failed.

EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT has to be the maddest series of all time. It was made in the 90's but I'd never heard of it until I started watching it on the Horror Channel.