April 1st, 2017


Urge To Kill...

I felt sickly this morning, anyway. and R Next Door was particularly obnoxious. She noticed I was wearing my red spec frames and commented that I should wear accents of bright colour now and then ' Of course,yew want to have mostly subdued colours, to keep people from paying attention to your BODY...' I grumbled that I just wear what amuses me, and I doubt if anyone's paying much attention to my crumbly old chubster body in any event...'Vell, of course, it doesn't bother ME that all the people laugh at yew, but it is nice, when yew try to look as normal as yew can...'
Re: red frames. I had to leave my usual specs at Boots to get *sigh* new lenses. Christ, the cost of them (£215) and that's using the old frames...Of course, I have varifocals, and colour gradation, which is extravagant, but my eyes are really sensitive to light. Anyway, BAH!
Still in a Ditko dino mood...

Watched the latest HEIMAT film. I didn't realise they started in the 80's, not the 90's, but I remember being obsessed with them from the start. They're so long and slow, yet you don't lose interest, at all. It's like these people are really part of your life.
It's fascinating watching the changes in the rustic environment over the decades, too. It's all so convincing. I really wouldn't mind going on one of those HEIMAT tours. It's a wonderful piece of work.