March 27th, 2017


Daylight Savings...

First official day of (arrgh-) Spring, yesterday. It was a very nice one, though.
I'm not sure if I have a cold or the seasonal allergies are already setting in. Snuffle!
That was a very interesting show about Paula Rego on BBC2 Saturday night. Some years ago, I was mooching around in the Tate, and stopped to gape at an exhibit of Rego's Dog Women. There was a knot of women chatting nearby, and I looked around straight into the sharp, glittery bird-eyes of the artist herself. She gave me an amused smirk. Gosh.
The new LINE OF DUTY has started on BBC 1.Glad to see plenty of action after the tedious SS-GB. The last scene was a bit(!) OTT, but a great cliffhanger, to be sure.
Another lame film premiere on horror was CONFINED, a stupid tale of a troubled young woman who takes a job as security guard in a huge unfinished luxury block where strange things start happening...The majestic lobby, etc. were fantastic, though, rather like the ornate old banks I remember from childhood Brooklyn. Evidently, it was the old Prince George Ballroom, which I don't recall.