March 12th, 2017


One O' Those Days...

Bum! I was expecting serious rain, an excuse not to exercise... In the park,exercising,  I told R Next Door that I was going to LIDL to get some cycling gloves before they sold out, and did she want anything. She wanted a lot; huge heavy tins of dog food, etc. Generally, I avoid supermarkets at the weekend, but didn't want to miss out on this offer... Of course, when I got there, there were no fecking gloves at all. These little tiny annoyances build up and up, until you want to kill someone...I had a much too large pair of jeans on, which is no real problem in the park, but as I schlepped along, I had to keep hoiking them up, before they slipped down to my knees (which hurt so much even Tramadol doesn't help.) There were big queues in LIDL and plenty of unwashed types with screaming kids. Once I got out, the buses were seriously delayed and dreadfully packed, because of 'police action on Wandsworth Road' I still don't know what happened. At least the diversions weren't on any more, so that saved me some extra walking---in the bloody rain, which by now, had decided to strike! Yargh.
I don't know if I've missed it; (haven't caught any news yet,) but there doesn't seem to have been a Trump Twitter eruption in
response to Bernie's denunciation yesterday. Have his minions got him tied up, or something?
Still  watching FOLLOW THE MONEY, which is OK, but I find 'Mads' so 'orribly unattractive that I'm not really into the bits involving him, and all the finance stuff bores me.
After all my ;exertions', I browsed THE OBSERVER, while de Laurentis' wretched KING KONG was on TV. I saw it in the cinema, and it was even worse than I remembered.
The weather is now distinctly uncanny, murky and spookily still. In New York, it's nice and cold.