March 8th, 2017

destroy planets

General Weirdness...

There seem to be an awful lot of TV ads about buying 'funeral plans' on TV at present. They're very creepy and weird. The most bizarre one has two fiftyish 'housewife' types shopping in a garden centre. They comment on a flower that was a deceased pal's favourite, and what a great 'sendoff' she'd had.  'I could never afford a funeral like that!' sighs one wistfully. Her pal replies that with this nifty policy she can save for a fab funeral, and it won't cost her family anything.
These ads always have a slightly jokey 'light' quality, and really spook me out.  Do people actually fantasise about having snazzy funerals?
This fatigue business is just getting more and more incredible. This moring I got up at 7:30 or so, but it was quite drizzly, so I thought I'd listen to  the Nina Simone biography on BOOK OF THE WEEK, before hitting the dog park. That was about 9:15. Next thing I knew, I was still  drooling in the chair with Moon snoring into the crook of my elbow, at 10:45...That is strange and sickly.
I went to the mall at Wandsworth, and saw another fox, right across the road from it, loping along, quite chilled.
When I got back, I actually managed to get my workout done, but it felt like the day was over, by then, and I felt knackered.