February 25th, 2017



Struggled to rouse myself from the recliner to attend the dress rehearsal. As I'd feared, it was a bit of a turkey. The production was nice (sets by Vicki Mortimer). Leontes' palace really made me think of the Masonic building at the Aldwych for some reason. I don't know if that was deliberate.
The singers were good, of course. (Iain Paterson excellent as usual, with very little to work with.) The director was fine thesp Rory Kinnear, taking on his first opera production. Again, he made the best of a bad job, IMO.
I found the music boring as hell, capturing very little of the original's melancholy charm - and wot, no bear?! I was in the last row of the balcony, and my eyes are getting worse, so if it was lurking in the vicinity of the shipwreck, I missed it.
I looked around for motodraconis , but couldn't find her, although I ran into a bloke on the music staff, who still works there.
It was very brief, mercifully, a litlle over two hours, including interval.

On the bus home, I had a bad craving for a 'Filet-O-Fish', and was almost tempted to get off a stop early, at McDonald's. I was saved from myself by the interesting spectacle of two police cars,a small crowd of spectators, and a couple of handcuffed yoofs being prepared to be carted off, just outside the Devil's golden arches. Don't know if it was a fight, attempted robbery or what-all.