February 21st, 2017


Neighbourly Abuse...

R Next Door got called a Nazi again. by the local drunk woman who also accused her of cruelty for not having Lula put down, yet. I dunno, it's so hard to tell when animals are really ready to go. Lula often seems pretty well, but she's up and down a lot.
Saw a very interesting Netflix documentary about the Old Vic RICHARD III  of
a few years ago, directed by Sam Menzies, with Kevin Spacey. The company did a big world tour, China and everything, and those involved talked about it all. They were taken on lots of really swanky trips, etc. The production was obviously a really good one, and all the thesps were talking about the experience, like they  felt pleased with their artistic efforts, ejoyed their colleagues' company, and got to go on this fabulous trip. I felt well envious.