February 18th, 2017

Going to Hell

AntiChrist Activity...

Watched (only highlights, so far-) the incredible first press conference of the Trump. Truly mindboggling, of course. Heaven help us.
Nearly finished with the second compulsive season of FORTITUDE. I'm trying to 'save' the last two episodes for the weekend, but don't know if I can hold out. Something truly dreadful has to befall Ken Stott's character, surely...
I checked out Without, near Clapham Juction, the other day, for its sitting and scribbling potential. It's tiny, but uncosy, with nothing much, foodwise. I was hoping for a wide range of vegan goodies. I had one of their coffees (with almond milk-) which was pleasant, but not exciting. Bit of a let-down. The new place on Lavender Hill continues to be crazily crowded with trendies, Their expensive food does look very nice, admittedly. I think I'll stick to the rather jolly branch of Nero's, directly across the road, when I'm around there.
Despite the annoyingly mild weather, I get very chilled at night, these days, and still have to switch the heat on for a while, which is financially counterindicated. Another sign of old age?