February 15th, 2017


Dull Stuff...

Ugh, it's getting mild, after that lovely cold weather. Nice to see the sun, now and then, though. I've had an annoying headache all day, and, as usual, have accomplished nothing.
The scanner really isn't functioning at present, which makes me depressed. I've nothing of interest to post about, and can't even put any feeble doodles online.
I'm really enjoying the second season of FORTITUDE, anyway; super-creepy, with the odd burst of intensely horrid violence.
I,ve decided I really do't care much for the new coffee shop at Cedars road. Its expensive, the seating isn't comfortable for me and my trolley, mostly consisting of thode high stools, The coffe's not all that, and for some reason, it's always packed. The staff is pleasanbt, though.
There's a new vegan cafe just by Clapham JUnction, now, called Without. Must check that one, too.