January 31st, 2017


RIGOLETTO And Stuff...

Still really full of aches and exhaustion. Feeling frit about the tooth extraction tomorrow, too. I'm too fragile for this stuff.
I had as hard time getting to the Coli for the rehearsal at 10:30.
I can remember when Miller's RIGOLETTO first appeared,and everyone was so excited. The production has held up well, although I've seen it many times. Alas, the buzz has gone, although it's still a fine show. Nicholas Pallesen was  strong Rigoletto, although I wasn't that keen on Joshua Guerrero's dumpy, rather tired-sounding  "Duke" . Arthur Davies, in his youth was a really exciting presence in the part; charismatic, with a lovely, fresh voice. In other roles, I liked Nicholas Folwell and Barnaby Rea ( Monterone, Sparafucile.) Everyone else was good, but no thrills. The orchesta, as usual,these days, sounded fantastic, under Richard Armstrong. The place was full of school kids, who didn't fidget too much. Jonathan Miller was in the house, although I didn't see him, from the balcony.
I always feel more or less tired. but ever since the Trump takeover, I've felt completely wiped out, and I know I have plenty of company. He seems to do/say something frighteningly bizarre every day.
Congratulations to those who go out and demonstrate. I don't know if it will help at all, but at least they're trying, investing their time and strength in protest.