January 27th, 2017


Getting Milder...

I've been mostly enjoying the cold weather, except at night, when there's a draught right over my head from the ill-fitting window. This morning the park was all slimy mud, as usual. Ick.
What ever happened to Heinz Sandwich Spread? I can't find it anywhere around here, much less the 'Light' version.
I have to try and get the dead hoover down to Battersea Park Road on the bus, at some point. It's over a hundred quid for a new 'Henry', so I've got to get it fixed, if possible. and my asthma is already suffering 'cos I can't use it, snd Moon insists on cuddling up with me in bed on chilly nights. Stoopid animal...
I see there's a new series of FORTITUDE. Must check it out. Shame I have to sit at my desk to watch it on the PC, though.