December 31st, 2016

Vanga vanga crone

Here comes 2017...

I'm feeling sad, apprehensive and a bit sick.
Just a few weeks now before the inauguration of the Screaming Carrot Demon, and whatever goodies he has in store for us.
I'll be 'celebrating' my 70th birthday, which has no pleasant prospects, apart from not being dead yet, and, doubtless the joys of Brexit will continue to unfold. Feck.
There have been a few pleasures in my 2016, of course. Thanks are largely due to Factor Fiction Press, where Jay, Selina and Terry did such a fantastic job putting out the first two books of the (chuckle) LEE KENNEDY COLLECTION, my poor old miserable mother, for leaving me enough dosh to take some city breaks in the last few years, enabling my trip to Rome last month. My mobility owies were vexatious, but better late than never, eh? Not forgetting Ms Luna Moon the cat, successor to the much-missed Amazy, who provides delightful company in my grumpy hermit life. Hey Ho...
Here's hoping that 20017 will prove to be happier, healthier, kinder and brighter than a lot of us dare imagine!