December 28th, 2016


Picasso, People....


After my park activities, I went along hoping to see BEYOND CARAVAGGIO at the National Gallery. I'd been thinking there might still be a lot of people out of town, and others would be back at work. Alas, no. There were hordes of feckin' humanity outside the gallery, gaping at four Yodas, a Grim Reaper, Batman, and two silver-painted guys doing their respective things.
Inside, there was a big queue, and I couldn't face it, but hobbled on to the Portrait Gallery to see the Picasso show, which I also wanted to visit, only not so much. With my OAP bus pass and Art Pass, it was 'only' £7.25, which was quite good. It was also busy, damn it, if not unbearably so. There were the usual old gits who stand bang in front of the art forever, talking poncy bollocks about it, while everyone else  quivers on tiptoe,behind them, trying to get a look at the stuff. Grunt.
It was good, though. I particularly liked the earlier comic drawings and caricatures, that don't get seen so often.
Last night's conclusion of WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION  was very good, too; fine cast, excellent period atmosphere, and even a little mild creepiness. I don't think I've ever read an Agatha Christie mystery, but have seen a fair number of adaptations.They always seemed quite old-fashioned and dull, before this, and last year's AND THEN THERE WERE NONE.
Toby Jones is really a very fine thesp indeed. I've never seen him give a dull performance, even in the lamest vehicle.