December 6th, 2016


Roma 2...

Alvise the guide, a lifelong Roman, walked us down to St Peter's. The Vatican Museum was very crowded. I can't imagine how unbearable Rome must be in full tourist season, with the dreadful heat, as well. I missed so much, as I think you'd have to spend about three days in there to have a proper look at everything. The Map Room, recently restored, had a great , sort of magical atmosphere, for some reason, almost as impressive as the Sistine Chapel itself.
It's true you can see Michaelangelo's work mush better just looking at books/screens, but it was a real rush actually being there, despite the manswarm, and the cantankerous guards hustling everyone along. It's also been cleaned in the past few years, and looked bright and beautiful.
Passed various Sights,while outdoors,  including the Mouth of Truth, but I never had the chance to stick my hand in.
We were introduced to 'the ugliest fountain in Rome', known as 'Fat Moses'. He's just a bit chubby, really.
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