October 2nd, 2016



I've noticed all week that people have been coughing furiously on the back of my neck, every time I board a bus, By yesterday, I had a sore throat, headache, joint pains, etc. and felt very wobbly. I did manage to get to the TOSCA dress (two acts of it, anyway.) I couldn't find motodraconis, but did run into an old mucker I haven't seen in five years or so, a former orchestral player. Her eyes popped out cartoon-style when she saw me, and she was very enthusiastic about how well I looked,so that was nice. She never was the type to flatter. R Next Door was telling me how I need to eat nothing but fruit and veg, because I'm still huge, this morning. She was also on again,about how cruel it is to keep cats indoors, and how the cats on the farm usually live to be 'at least 25....' Uh. Still, kinda glad to see her and the dogs.
I've been extra queasy today, and nearly spewed a couple of times from gross-out public behaviour. There's this smelly dosser type with dusty dreadlocks who sometimes sits on a bench, and this morning, I noticed him having a jolly old wank. Urp!  Later, just as I left the theatre. in broad daylight, this guy was pissing up against the door, and I nearly trod in the steaming stream. I was also peeved by the crowded auditorium packed with gormless gabbling teens again. Still, I'm very grateful that I, too, was given the odd opportunity to see opera and Shakespeare when I was one of them, from a home with no culture. Good luck to 'em, then.
Catherine Malfitano's lovely TOSCA production is holding up well. The orchestra was on really robust form, and the singers sounded terrific. I'm not very familiar with any of them, but Keri Alkema had a nice, creamy sound and was very glam.Gwyn Hughes Jone was a good, ardent Cavaradossi, although I didn't stay for his big aria, and Craig Colclough made a strikingly powerful Scarpia. The whole cast radiated passion and commitment, a nice refresher after what I found a rather plodding Don Giovanni the other day.