September 29th, 2016



This new ENO production is by Peter Jones, who usually does interesting things, like 'em or not. In this case, kinda not so much. It's modernish-dress and set in what seems to be a dingy hotel...
The singing, was, of course, more than competent, although it sounded like Giovanni had the latest throat bug.
Vocally, I enoyed tenor Alan Clayton's Ottavio most, along with Clive Bayley's Leporello and James Creswell's Commendatore. Unfortunately, the acting seemed quite bland and underpowered, apart from the Commendatore's ghost, lurching around in his bloody underwear, which was a bit scary. Christopher Purves' Don was pretty brutish,for even a 'baddie' aristocrat, and really did look like the charmless 'Mackie' in THE SHIELD. The women were all rather dull, and to my taste rather too similar vocally.
All in all kinda 'meh', then.
In the foyer, I ran into an old mucker I hadn't seen in at least five years, and she appeared genuinely awestruck...'You must have lost a HUGE amount of weight, You look FANTASTIC' etc. Back home, in the lift I met a woman I don't see very often, who said 'You're a different person!' You look so good these days.' Wish I felt it. I don't get so many reactions like that now, though, and must say, I didn't mind.