August 30th, 2016


Old Lula Dog Not Ded...


Argh, just when it seems to be getting bearable. The damn humidity starts rising again, although the temperature is not so bad.
R Next Door is back, and Lula is looking fairly bright. It was nice to see the old girl... R is R, although she claims she's 'happy and normal', when she's away with 'happy. normal people' , not the 'lowlives' who live around here. She proceeded to give me a fat shaming 'pep talk' that tempted me to sock her.Nice to have someone to talk to, though...


Feckin' Scorchio...

So knackered...I meant to go to Dulwich picture gallery, although I was already weak from the strong sun, but when I got to Waterloo, I couldn't find the 176 stop, so just mooched a bit, got a coffee and went home, frelled.
Saw a creepy film After.Death over the weekend, with Christin Ricci and Liam Neeson. It was bloody morbid, but not uninteresting. Th Horror Channel is broadcasting double bills of films that have done well at the Horor Film Festival, and haven't been on TV yet.
Lots of stories implying that UFO contact is going to be announced soon. Even the Pope is preparing for it, says one (perhaps unreliable-) source. I would really love that...Once again, I take after my mad mother. She always used to go on about how nice it would be to be taken away from this grim world by nice, Michael Rennie-type aliens!