August 2nd, 2016

Twitch Bugs


FINALLY got the insurance claim forms to give to the vet, and put one down 'in a safe place' before filling it in...You know the rest. How is this possible. I've searched on and off all day.
It's really grim, sweaty and sticky. Didn't work out as it was quite wet.
Watched the bizarre NAKED ATTRACTION dating show. Depressing, what nice bodies all those young people have, and the whole concept is so loopy.  It remined me of a dream I once had. (I think it's kind of common-) that all these willies were poking through holes in a curtain, and I had to identify somebody just by seeing his disembodied dick.
The PC, scanner, and everything are totally conking out. I dread the thought of struggling over to Currys with it all on the bus. Hell. I'm completely incompetent with figuring out what's happening myself. Facebook is totally weird, these days, too. I can't play Scrabble or anything. I repeat,Hell.