April 28th, 2016



I'm so incapable of doing anything these days, it's really scary. I just have no motivation whatever. Going to sleep truly is my only pleasure. I wish I could afford a cleaner. I keep letting the flat deteriorate, when I used to make an effort to live in some sort of civilised fashion. It's all so difficult. Bah.
The lift's still not working, and even the one flight I have to go to the usable one is torture. Dunno which hurts more, going up or going down. I'm like poor Lula the ancient dog.

Dreamed about an old work friend who had turned into a sort of harpy. Apart from her bird legs, wings and human head, her whole body was covered in pubic hair. She kept swooping at me menacingly. Then a man I used to fancy turned up, dressed as a bumblebee.