March 26th, 2016


Lenten Mood...

Strange, spooky week. Feel sad, scared and helpless, as usual, at the latest terrorist atrocity (Brussels). It's weird seeing cities I've mooched about in as a tourist blighted in this horrible, mindless way. I must guiltily add, that last week when Istanbul was 'it', in addition to my distress at the human casulaties, I was really upset by the thought of all the many street cats and dogs that probably perished; so cruel.
Good Friday...
Got another feckin' cough.
I'm having very little luck getting Moon to take her meds. I've wasted a lot of food, trying to disguise them. She seems OK, but of course, that doesn't mean anything. She goes back to be checked up Saturday. Fingers crossed.
R Next Door tore me a new one, of course. insisting that Amazy began to get poorly when she had some teeth out, and I would soon see Moon getting one condition after another until she dies young... 'Yew are a perfect victim for (...the vet.)'   She then went off on a tangent about how building mosques in the UK should be illegal...!
As usual, did nothing worthwhile. Had a bit of a Netflix orgy, with a couple of eps of the latest HOUSE OF CARDS and this week's BETTER CALL SAUL.
Saturday: Touch wood, everything seems to be going well with Moon's dental healing. Her mouth looks nice and clean. I took her down by bus, but walked her home again, as she does seem to be interested in the wonders of Wandsworth Road, and she's less stressed on the return journey. Ran into R Next Door, who was, of course full of jeramaiads about how her immune system is now destroyed by the extractions, and she's doomed to an early death...Seems to me that with all that infection in her system, she was in danger of getting something serious anyway. Still don't know if her kidneys are permanently affected.
I've just been down to the dog park for a rare afternoon exercise session. I was going to skip it, but it might well be too wet to use the equipment for the next couple of days. Nobody's around at all, and the blustery weather is very grey and creepy.