February 27th, 2016


Wot I Watched...

More weird old fims on Freeview 81: THE ROSE OF TRALEE, endorsed by the Legion of Decency, and featuring 'Ireland's Shirley Temple', a seriously frightening four-year-old.
GHOST SHIP, a profoundly tedious thriller, with a 'logical' ending.. Everyone's very plummy. Hard to believe people used to talk like that.
GORBALS STORY. Entertainingly dreadful acting from the leading man (Wait for his nervous breakdown!), and a few establishing shots of the genuine, long-gone Gorbals.
WEST OF KERRY was another dull melodrama with a rather exotic setting. the Blasket Islands. A feckless medical student visits, and falls in lurve with a girl who never changes her outfit in the course of what appears to be a year or more. Problem: she's engaged to a local dullard who becomes his best friend. The 'pognant' denoument is hilarious, but it has little else going for it, except some interesting clips of an old-style ceilhi.

If anyone's not watching HAPPY VALLEY., I suggest you catch up with it.The dialogue is fantastic, and the actors are terrific.

Otherwise, I am depressed and incapable of accomplishing anything, except eating foolishly,