February 13th, 2016



A grim and gloomy day. Slept in, then got drizzled on in the park. Ugh. It's lovely to be indoors, now, with coffee, cat company, central heating and telly, though. Thank you, Jesus!
Saw a nice documentary about  BRITAIN'S CRAZIEST COUNCIL HOUSES. The wonderful Molly Parkin was interviewed. I want to be pals with her.
The Freeview station  Talking Pictures (81) continues to show a lot of insane old films , some of which are seldom, if ever, on TV, with quite a few ancient horrors. This week, I caught DOCTOR CRIPPEN with Donald Pleasance, and Coral Browne having  a great time as his slutty alcoholic wife.

I was informed by the owner of Honey the Dangerous Dog that her neighbour told her that Lambeth's plans for the new buildings on the estate include   '741 flats over on that lawn, but only 40 social housing, an' those will be for Somalis only'...(!)