January 28th, 2016


Dental Despair...

Still coughing, but rather better (Started the tablets with great fear of the many gruesome caveats: swelling up,  suicidal misery, etc, but so far, only a bit queasier than usual stomach-)
This morning, it was the dentist. He gave me a 'plate' to be getting on with, and I can't even bloody talk with it in. ('You will soon get used to it'...) I feckin' doubt it. As for now, I have to eat gruel for five days, and can't even manage that, without feeling like I'm choking. Holy Mother of Fuck!  I think eventually I'm going to have to scrape up the £6000 plus  I'll need for implants. That will mean, of course, that I can't have the 'tummy tuck' . Shriek.
Watched THE NIGHT VISITOR, which I remember seeing back in the US decades ago. Even when it first came out, it went under the radar. I think I must have seen it on a double bill with something I fancied,and/or because the majestic Max von Sydow was in it. It could be called a slasher, I suppose, but a very 'arty' one, with a strong cast of well-knowns. It is certainly worth seeing as one of the most completely doolally films ever. There are  plenty of grim rural Scandi surroundings, too,

The stitched-up 'Salem' takes 'orrible revenge...