December 31st, 2015

flying adipose

Cheerio, 2015...

For me, you were a pretty grim year, and I know I've got a lot of company. So, hoping against hope again, that 2016 is a little brighter for all of us.
At the moment, I've got that sore, closed-up throat thing again, and fear another lurgy. I didn't accomplish any of the tidying, etc. I'd meant to do, had too much to eat, and didn't even exercise.
On the bright side, I'm enjoying the company of wee Ms LunaMoon, even as I still miss Amazy and her mad little ways. *Sniff*
I'm in the dark in the sitting room, as a bulb burned out, and I broke it while removing it. I'll have to get someone who can stand on the step without wobbling and going fainty to sort it, which may take days.
Heaven knows what's happening in Dubai.How could a fancy newish building like that totally go up so suddenly? No details yet, really, but it looks grim.
Fuck all on telly, like NOTHING. I tried a few episodes of JESSICA JONES, but it's not grabbing me. Hardboiled private eye Barbie vs Evil David Tennant. Shrug.