December 1st, 2015


Oooh, Urgh, Snort....

Originally posted by crazycrone at Oooh, Urgh, Snort....
I was extra-achy with a sore throat all last week. Now a non-stop running nose has joined these symptoms. Please gods, if I must get the lurghy, let me get it right now, and let it be gone in time for my trip on the 14th?

Caught the last two chapters of THE BRIDGE; Oi, Saga, NO!  Stop that sexing with your strange new colleague. The guy ain't right, and IMO, could even be connected with the murders, in some way.What became of the poor woman who had her leg blown off, BTW? Saga doesn't have much luck with her partners.
Also watched DOCTOR WHO. This really has been an adult fantasy for years, hasn't it? I mean, much as I enjoy it, half the time I don't know what's going on, and I can't imagine what, say, a six-year old would make of Saturday's episode.

Spent the weekend at the Midwinter Comics Retreat at the very attractive Maison Bumcrack. (Village of Bumcrack did appear to be quite gruesome-) It's full of cool Deco items. I was especially charmed by the round display cabinet, and the naked lady bonbonierre. It has a very interesting, roomy, and convenient layout, re-designed by motodraconis' late dad, and would be a real gem, if its location were somewhere more pleasant. Many thanks to Moto for taking on the horror of hosting, with all her other stresses, to Chris for valiant chauffering, and the terrifying but obviously good-hearted Maman, for allowing the invasion.
As usual. I was virtually incapable of coherent conversation, not helped by the deafness thing. It's sad, really, I was glad to see everyone, though. I recall that as a youngster, I was extremely chatty, and my mother was always telling me to belt up, nobody wanted to hear my toddler babblings. Now I'm virtually a mute. I don't know if that's how it started, but it seems possible.Whaddyagonnado?
I'm always fascinated by stuff people say in their sleep. I am, myself, a restless and noisy sleeper in every possible way, and former boyfriends and roomies have informed me I'm given to barking stuff like 'Drop it!', and (arf) 'CANNONBALL!' Evidently andyluke
came out with a corker over the weekend, 'Ohhh, the giants!' Anyone else got some good ones?