November 17th, 2015



I thought the weevils were gone, but not yet. Fuck.
Last episode of RIVER. Far-fetched as it was, I really liked it. *Sniff*
LONDON SPY, episode two was even more intriguing. Check it out on iPlayer if you haven't seen it yet. It's terrific.
The wind has been really hitting, the last couple of hours. When it gets like this, you can feel the tower swaying, and see light fixtures and stuff rocking. Queasy-making, but rather interesting.
I dreamed about The Brothel last night. I was skint, and begging them to let me do a couple of shifts, when they were busy and there were no good-looking 'girls' available. I was mortified having to plead like that, but I was totally destitute, too.
Much to my amazement I found a last minute flight/hotel package to Venice next month, even cheaper than the one I missed out on, due to dithering until it was booked up. I'm going! Scared, of coursem at being all on my own, not even with a tour group, but I felt the same about Riga, and that was fab. Fingers crossed, then.