November 7th, 2015


Fine FORZA...

Last night's trip to the Colisem was a real treat. My only reservation was the old-style 'stand and deliver' performances of the rather staid and dumpy-looking lovers, Tamara Wilson and Gwyn Hughes Jones. Anthony Michaels-Moore wasn't a lot more exciting as the crazed, vengeful Don Carlo.( I'm being picky, here, as I do like my opera singers to be at least competent in the acting department.) They all sang fantastically, though, and sent the audience into raptures.
My favourite performance was from James Creswell as Padre Guardiano. I like his voice, and he presented a believable, rather sympathetic, character. The chorus and orchestra, under Mark Wigglesworth, continue on a roll. Great sounds!
The real star of the show, for me, was the fabulous architectural set by Rebecca Ringst, with video projections by Sarah Derendinger. Stunning!   (motodraconis, you might find this interesting.)  It's a long haul, three and a half hours, with two intervals, which I always find make a show drag, a bit, but all in all, very, very good indeed, and should be seen, if you can get there.