October 19th, 2015


Wild Weekend (Not...)

Today's big thrill was getting my nails done. I'm far too cack-handed to give myself a French manicure. R Next Door registered amazement that I have so much money to spend on myself, as all she has goes into vet bills, etc. and she (proudly-) barely eats. ( I didn't ask what all those parcels from various catalogues, she gets contain...)
I think fate may have solved my cat adoption decision problem. It seems the humans of 'Cedric', the cat I was thinking of taking, may well have been found... I went in to meet him, anyway, and we didn't seem to have much chemistry. He's a lovely boy, but quite small,  seems much younger than 4-5. I also get the impression that he is ( R will gloat-) a bit lively for flat life. He showed little interest in me, anyway. Well, final verdict still pending.

Felt really cold in the park, and my flu jab site is still swollen and sore.Oucha.
LES REVENANTS is back for series two. Still stylishly spooky, but I've forgotten a lot of what was going on, in two years. Doesn't really matter, though, it's good. Odd that they've stuck it away on More 4.

Still not much clearing out done, but some...Thumb so stiff and hurty. As if my drawing hadn't deteriorated enough. Feck.
Saw another of those weird old films on Tallking Pictures, THE ANGEL WHO PAWNED HER HARP. Dumb, but I love the location stuff. This was made around the Angel, in the 50's.