October 6th, 2015



Feeling sick, and the humidity makes it worse. Skipped choir again. In addition to feeling crook, I just have no spirit for it.
I did make it to the IL TROVATORE screening at the Picture House, although I didn't even feel up tp walking there, and got the bus both ways. Feeble!
It's been years since I saw TROVATORE performed. It doesn't seem to be that popular these days. David McVicar's production at the Met was quite pacy, and reasobably convincing for an opera with possibly the most deranged libretto of all time.
The cast was about as good as you can get. I'm not an enormous Anna Netrebko fan, but can't deny she's got the goods.
Dolora Zajuck was a robust Azucena, and tenor Yonghoon Lee, new to me, was a spiffing Manrico; very impressive voice, tall and striking-looking. Interesting that tenors seem to be much better looking these days. When I was young, most of them looked like Ron Jeremy.
The star, of course, was the excellent Dmitri Hovorostovsky as Di Luna. He's still crazy handsome, and in fine voice as ever. He's had to cancel some of his performances due to ongoing treatment for a brain tumour, and got standing ovations every time he turned around. He really didn't need the sympathy vote, though. If you didn't know, you'd never guess he was ill at all. Brave bloke. Here's hoping he makes a good recovery.