September 21st, 2015


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Coping as best I can with that cat-shaped, aching hole. Others have it so much worse, I shouldn't whine on, but it helps a bit to vent, so just skip this, if you don't want to see maudlin crazy cat lady stuff:
I dreamt last night that Amazy was alive, and had two kittens. Two my annoyance, they were fluffy-coated asthma bombs like her, but I was going to keep them.
This morning, I was thinking of how I miss her, when I  came upon a display of Harley Davison-themed biscuit tins. Thought about how a long-dead human friend would have liked them, and nearly had a sobbin' slob paroxysm in TK Maxx.
Oddly, it seems an unusual number of friends and neighbours on and off-line have suffered animal bereavement in the last week, not to mention those actually  losing  close humans! *Sigh*
I watched FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, as I thought it might provide a laugh, but it was too dire to even be particularly funny. Jeez Louise. Marginally better than what I read of the book, though,(about two pages-).
Managed to keep doing my lil' 'workout' every day, despite all the emotional anguish, but sill not drawing or doing anything constructive.