September 4th, 2015


Autumn In The Air...

Hope it stays cool, but I expect there'll be a steamy Indian Summer.
This week's media rubbish:
Finally ploughed through all 22 episodes of THE BLACKLIST, season 1. It's really rubbish. Although I enjoyed James Spader, and am still curious about his character's backstory, I really don't want to invest any more time in series 2.
Got the last, short series of TREME, and enjoyed that. I don't know why that show wasn't more appreciated; interesting characters, New Orleans atmosphere, and terrific music.
PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES popped up on the Horror Channel. Not half bad, actually, even mildly scary, at one point.
Got my hair cut, despite R Next Door's wailing about how I should let it grow 'to look a bit more normal'. I do wish that barber would get plumbling. I don't know how they haven't been shut down. (But hey, a haircut for a fiver?) He left a little point on top, again, so I looked like King Kong, but I noticed in time, and got him to reduce it.

I also got a nice French manicure. and feel quite presentable.
I am, of course, following CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER. This season's wheeze is pitting the UK vs the USA housemates in the 'tasks'. As usual, I don't know who most of the 'celebs' are, but some of them are interestingly bizarre.
I'm fascinated by the 'Bride of Wildenstein' style heavily worked-on face of 'Queen of Reality' Janice Dickinson, who is, of course, certifiable, and provided a bit of drama when she was stung by a bee. Her arm turned purply black and she fell off the chair and had a fit. She had to be carted off to hospital to be sorted out.
Also horribly watchable are loved-up Stevi and Chloe Jasmine, from THE X FACTOR. She's lovely, but dim and emotionally febrile. ( How can you look like that and be soooo needy?) If she's separated from her rivetingly hideous boyfriend for five minutes, she goes into meltdown. He's just plain bizarre. Top toxic bitch bimbo is Farrah, who, it seems, is Janice's rival for the title  'Queen of Reality'. When she's not putting on makeup, she's spitting hatefulness with huge aplomb. Another watchably monstrous-looking superannuated bimbo was the world's most famous porn star or something. I can't remember her name, but she looks like Miss Piggy with a trace of Sylvester Stallone. She's also very fractious.
All in all, it looks like there are many tasteless cavortings and ructions ahead. Promising.