August 25th, 2015



I still felt crook this morning, but thought it might help to go out. I gave my feathers a feeble shake in the park, and coughed a lot, but the exercise made me feel a bit brighter. I went on to get some bits at ASDA, and when I got home, I started feeling pretty seedy and knackered again
I've skipped attending the bariatric op support group at King's College, and feel guilty. but apart from feeling rubbish again, I don't know if I'm still contagious, and it probably wouldn't be too considerate to take my cooties into a hospital.
Watched FINDING VIVIAN MAIER, which was fascinating and kind of sad. I guess her secrets will never really be known. It's fortunate that her work was saved, though. I expect mine will just be dumped.So it goes.
Dream: I was friendly with this young woman who ran a smart boutique. One day, I saw this strange man who looked a bit like Julian Beck, from the Living Theatre, being admired by a lot of wealthy-looking, pretty women. It seems he was 'Bjorn Ulvaeus' (I commented that he looked totally different from his ABBA days...) and he was a sort of life coach/cult guru, who had developed a new type of yoga, and was totally the in thing. The boutique girl offered to introduce me, but I said no, I'd just be over-awed and unable to chat normally. I did find him fascinating, in a weird way. but figured he was crooked, and didn't want to get involved with his scam.