August 14th, 2015


Muggy Tedium...

Well, we've had a couple of days where there was actual steady rain at times...not in the morning, though, so I couldn't take a guiltless day off from exercise. Bum. The stifling humidity hasn't lifted yet, either, and it was, of course, way too overcast to have any hope of seeing any meteor shower activity.
Watched a DVD of INTO THE WOODS, which I'd never seen, onstage. Wasn't terribly impressed. It didn't seem like one of Sondheim's better efforts, James Corden was in it (always a drawback, IMO), and I think it was all a bit Disney-fied.
The Hammer film of the day was KISS OF THE VAMPIRE, which was really piss-poor, with a weird ending in which all the sheet-clad vampires and minions were slain by rubber bats. Earlier in the week I saw most of THE WITCHES with Joan Fontaine, which wasn't too bad; had a touch of WICKER MAN, and a good cast. I missed the end, though, as I fell asleep.
Met the Gastric Band Lady, who through constant fussing, may be getting close to actually getting her apronectomy on the NHS. I'm still nowhere near the BMI they demand, though, and at this rate, never will be.