May 20th, 2015



Feeling quite crap. Although I don't usually get headaches, I've had a nagging dull one for days. I think I may have a cold coming, too, having been drenched several times in the last few erratically showery days.
R Next Door is driving me mad about this PayPal business, too. It goes on and on.
I was going to skip choir, but dragged myself out and made even worse noises than usual. I think the fresh air and a bit of diapraghm-breathing did me good, though.
I liked PENNY DREADFUL first time round, but season two is really smokin' so far. One episode at a time is not enough.
There must be something very wrong with me,but GAME OF THRONES rape scenes do not send me into a righteous fury.
Like, it's fiction, for starters. They're not terriby graphic, and they're part of a rough, nasty world full of violent psychos.