April 9th, 2015



R Next Door is all verklempt because she's being 'harassed and bullied'. People keep complaining about her dogs running wild, which is just not true, They're obviously doing it to get at her. The thing is she just cannot understand why her un-self-censored opinions might make peeps want to get at her. Oy...

Accidental upload; might as well leave it.

One of those those days. Never got to the Vellekoop exhibit as intended. May try again Friday. Ended up snarled in traffic yet again in the West End. (Shoulda known better...) and wheezy from the bad air, so never accomplished anything. Grunt.
THEN while attempting to hang my only decent purchases from Istanbul, I fumbled and dropped them both. The whirling dervish tile is repairable, but Holy Mary was destroyed... 'For the Love of Mighty Fuck!'...