April 3rd, 2015

red d'oh

Why Am I An Idiot?

Bloody Nora! Couldn't sleep at all last night. Due to my raging senility, I think I might have glugged down a LARGE mug of 'real' coffee instead of my usual evening decaff. BUZZ!
Went down to the shops early this morning, thinking they'd all be shut by lunchtime (more dementia...they've been open all day for decades.)  I used to quite like the Good Friday shutdown (unless it incovenienced ME, of course!) There was something rather magical about it. When I was a kid in a Catholic neighbourhood, everyone was supposed to keep silent from twelve to three, the hours Jesus spent getting crucified. The whole boring suburb was quiet at as a mouse, and it was sort of fun, in a weird way.


Did I Imagine This?

I remember as a kid seeing a book that referred to Red Eva/Aoife, a medieval warrior noblewoman in Ireland, famed for her bloodthirsty antics. She and her husband were well matched, and the locals lived in fear of them.
She wore spiked armour, and liked to grab enemies in battle and impale them.
I haven't had much luck googling, but she'd be make a good strip, I reckon. Does this ring any bells?
Later: Just remembered. She was married to Strongbow the Norman. Wish I could find that book. I don't remember the author or title, or anything, but it was full of cool watercolours of stormswept castles and romantically weird caharacters of Olde Ireland. I guess my sister chucked it with so many intriguing things when she cleared 'Heart Attack House' (as we called it), after my mother's death.

Stray doodle; can't remember if I've posted it before...