March 7th, 2015


Media Catchup...

Is the vicar's dog on GOGGLEBOX being censored? I haven't noticed any full frontal displays so far this season. It was amusing watching the viewers reacting to Anne Boleyn copping it on WOLF HALL. I think that was the most excruciating execution scene ever.
Finished watching AMERICAN HORROR STORY season three, Coven. Not as bad as the first season, nor as good as the second. Passably entertaining, though, with nice New Orleans location stuff.
Enjoyed CASUAL VACANCY rather more than I expected to. Great cast, and a bit more bite than I'd anticipated.
I haven't been able to get into HOSTAGES at all, which leaves Saturday nights pretty barren.
Just discovered a great big long hair growing out of my bloody neck.. Yet another gruesome indignity of age.
It feels like spring, which I know will gladden most people, but Fap...They've had such an extreme winter in the US, and virtually nothing here.
R Next Door got a letter from the council because there was a complaint about her dogs being out of control. It seems pretty obvious that someone she's clashed with has done it to spite her, as her dogs are actually unusually well behaved. She's going all obsessive about it, of course. She hasn't eaten in two days, and her heart pounds all night, so she can't sleep, etc. She also had one of her death visions. A neighbour woman was standing outside, and she saw her face turn into a skull. She's had this many times, and the person always dies. 'Six months, maybe a year, at most...' Gives me the heebie-jeebies.