February 25th, 2015

Twitch Bugs

Being Neurotic...

I'm worse than usual. I've not been able to sort out the flat, and I'm ashamed for even R Next Door to see the state of it.
I'm not even going to Istanbul today, but just heading for the EasyHotel at Heathrow, and I'm queasy with grim foreboding. It's pathetic to be like this, but I am, and all I can do is try to fight through it. The ol' CFS is really intense at the moment, too.
Fuck. I'm sure once I get to Istanbul I'll feel OK, but I could really do without this nonsense.
Ity would be really nice not to be travelling alone. Must try and get back into my youthful mindset of actually desiring it, so I could play at being a different person, and suit myself when it came to tourist activities, etc.
Only one more GAME OF THRONES DVD left to binge out on. Of course, there's Season Five, but who knows when I'll be able to watch that?  I've been more intrigued by A CASUAL VACANCY that I expected to be. It has an engagingly creepy quality, although there's no real supernatural stuff going on.
BROADCHURCH 2 was a complete turkey, IMO; so silly and tired I don't believe they're planning a third season.
I had a look at BETTER CALL SAUL, which is promising, and am also viewing AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN, which, so far, is not so poor as the first series, but not as dementedly entertaining as the second.
There's so much junk to watch. I don't know how I managed, when I actually had a life.
Hey ho, probably won't be back online until Monday or Tuesday, now, depending on access.
Jeez, I'm gonna see Haija Sofia!
Here's a recycled doodle page...