February 6th, 2015


Beckmesser's Buck Nekkid...

The lady operating the sardine can-like  lift to the theatre balcony commented that it was a good thing we weren't a ballet audience. Evidently they start fighting and stuff in such situations. I believe it. When I worked there, most people dreaded the ballet seasons.There really is a distinct difference in the types that turn up. The balletomanes tend to be extra-snooty,absurdly demanding, and fractious. Strange, that...
I've seen MEISTERSINGERS three times on stage, and hope never to sit through it again. Of course, there are wonderful moments, but to me,it's Wagner,s most boring opera, and feels every second of its epic length.
Iain Paterson, who's always excellent, was fine as Sachs. Veteran Andrew Shore did well by Beckmesser; made him quite human. After the dust-up in the act two finale, he appared naked,apart from the mandolin shielding his bits. (A leotard, I presume.)
It all meandered on, for five hours and forty minutes. I'd figured I'd leave early, to get to choir, but I didn't want to miss the best parts, after sitting through all the longeurs.
Watched SIN CITY 2 this week. Not one of the all-time classics, of course, but I do love the 'look' of those films.
Great song lyric I heard on the radio earlier
I'm stuck on you. You make my heart feel like fondue.