January 30th, 2015


Gods, I'm So OLD...

Jeez, half a century since Chuchill's funeral. I remember watching it on B&W telly, as an awe-struck teen. I cried a bit when the cranes dipped, and my sister mocked me.
Did little apart from huddling indoors under a duvet. 'Taters! Caught up with part 2 of the excellent WOLF HALLAand the latest BROADCHURCH,, which isn't really grabbing me. Perhaps they should have left it at one series.Helen McCrory is always wonderful to watch, though.
Should be an ultra-compulsive SPIRAL this week, what with Laure; Roban and Tintin all cruisin' for a crackup, and what of Josephine? Will she revert to full-on Devil Girl mode, now? Could the latest tragedy be enough to propel Roban and Marianne into each other's creaking arms at last? I can but hope, but I;m not holding my breath. Then there's the thread about the unfortunate aspirational delinquent, being forced back into bad company and crime by the stupid System...Can' wait.