January 29th, 2015

baby lee

A Small, Dry Voice Through The Keyhole...

Mortifying moment at choir last night; the lady next to me asked if we could switch chairs so she could be next to the 'good, strong' tenorgal I always try to sit next to, as having my drain-like burbling  in her earhole was putting her off her stroke. My ears were sizzling. (...Well, fuck her; she's not going to be competing at Cardiff any time soon, either.)
Today I am tortured by an earworm of BABOOSHKA, which I don't like much.
Hope I can get to the Picture House next Tuesday lunchtime. It's Old Folks' Day, and they're showing HOFFMAN from the Met. Yes!
Whoo, parky in the dog park this morning. I resorted to full idiot hat with bobble and earflaps.
Userpic is a Throwback Thursday lil' Lee, in my Bonny Baby days. 'Pretty in the cradle; ugly at the table' as they useta say.