January 12th, 2015



In the cafe with 10 minutes internet time left.
No message from Currys yet about my machine. Wah.
Looks like more wild weather on the way. I will admit to rather enjoying exercising in the wind. Hope it burns an extra calorie or two.
Random shameful admission: I find EASTENDERS Latvian Lothario Aleks kinda sexy. He is also currently undergoing a personality change into a goodie.
Greatly enjoyed new SPIRAL Saturday. Nice to see Dirty Hair Girl, Recovering Drug Fiend,TinTin,Boring Handsome One,
Ginger Minx and Marianne, not to mention the Judge (Licking pastry off his fingers. Woo!) back in action. Will he and Marianne ever get it on? Probably too cosy for SPIRAL, but I want them to.