January 4th, 2015



Gods, I'm so hungry. I'm really trying to get back  get back to losing weight instead of re-gaining it, before things get out of control, but Jesus, it's hard, especially feeling as low as I do...
WALLANDER last night was quite interesting, depicting a dismal Soviet Riga. I recognised a lot of the locations, but the mood these days is certainly different, even though the place still has a pleasing (to me) slight air of melancholy mystery, I wonder if it was really that grim?
It's certainly another gloomy day here in Souf London. It was bloody horrible down in the dog park, but I chugged away at my constitutional, anyway, and am still congratulating myself for that.
I've caught up with the GAME OF THRONES episodes I missed from series 3, but now have months to wait for DVDs of series 4. Wah.
Apparently SPIRAL returns to BBC4 next week, though. Heh.
Ever since the scanner crapped out, I'm finding it hard to even doodle.I seem to have lost what meagre drawing skill I ever had, and my thumbs hurt all the time. Once again, I've just got to force myself...I still need to collect my old stuff for that possible collection, too.
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