December 28th, 2014


Holidays Slump On...

This is always a strange, shabby little interlude; overflowing rubbish bins. 'marks of weakness, marks of woe' on all the passing faces, etc... I had a really Blue Christmas this year; just feeling very sad. It was enlivened a bit by keeping Amazy stoned out on catnip, and enjoying her antics.
It had to be the Worst Christmas Ever for TV diversion, as well. NO opera, no decent 'orror stories. (there was one on ch.5 last night, and it was lame beyond telling.)  I failed to be converted to FROZEN. An awful lot of adults love it, but nah, not for me. As for DOWNTOWN ABBEY and CALL THE MIDWIFE, spare me...The latter is often praised for being 'gritty', but on the occasions I've seen bits of it, it may acknowledge social issues, but it's overwhelmingly slush and goo about the saintly nuns, and dedicated young midwives and their romances, etc. Blecch.
There was a 'new' WALLANDER (actually a very old one, with my favourite Kurt, the cuddly Rolf Lassgard) on BBC4, so that was good. Wallander_Ogolne
I also enjoyed the tradional Christmas misery fest on EASTENDERS. Chez Carter, the huge family festive table went crashing under the combined weight of  the infuriated Mick industriously engaged in beating rapey rat Dean to death, until the anguished Shirley cried 'Stop! He's your bruvver!'  Choice.
On the other hand, I wasn't much impressed by the DOCTOR WHO special. Sappy story (well, it  is Christmas-), and bloody Clara's staying on. Mr Capaldi continues to charm, though. For Gawd's sake, give him some decent stories.