December 24th, 2014


Frazzled In Frankfurt...

We only had a few hours to spend in this big city, and quite frankly, I was so knackered and in such Tramadol-defying joint and foot pain (Cobblestones are cruel!) that I didn't actually take in much. There are any number of interesting museums; an icon museum, a cartoon museum, the Strewwellpeter museum (!) plus the big ones,and Goethe's House, that I freaked out and never went to any. I need time to dawdle in places like that, and the knowledge that I had to get back to the coach on time hung over me. I really need to go back there for a couple of days, at least.
I just faffed around the huge market, and shops, really.
I got another giant pretzel, as the hotel wasn't supplying the evening meal, and that's more or less the end of my holiday story. The next day was just travelling, and the alarming visit to PJ's frightening chocolate factory and duty free in Belgium. It was like Hell, really HORDES of coach people storming around grabbing 'bargains', pushing, shoving and gibbering. Whew. The rooster in the cafe bit was nice, though. I'm very pissed off that I can't post my doodles any more. *Sigh*

Today I went to the South Bank. It was early-ish, but there were already a lot of rather melancholy families queueing for the Eye, and the skating rink, and some sort of indoor paid Festivus-land. There's a little choo-choo this year, as well, on which more sad folk were chugging around. The market stalls are possibly lamer than ever. Didn't even see any gluhwein, but perhaps they don't open until lunchtime. I'm certain that hut selling wooden neckties is fronting for a crystal meth dealer or something...Well, I made the effort, and I'm glad that's done.
I'm lying low, now. Saw the news items about that OAP who invested £1000 for a Christmas meal for other 'lonely' people in her area. I can scarcely imagine anything more dispiriting, myself, although they seemed to be enjoying it. Must say, a nice proper meal wouldn't go amiss, though.
Watched a bit of SCROOGE, which they were kind enough to broadcast in B&W this year, and not the awful colourised version, and so it goes. Ho, ho, ho...
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