December 19th, 2014


Numpty In Nuremberg...

Oh, I forgot to mention about the cathedral in Wurzburg. It's brilliant.It's bright, clean and seemingly recently restored, yet retains a numinous aura. The ceiling is a creamy eruption of Baroque cherubs. Knockout.
After another hour or so on the coach, we arrived at Nurenberg, in time for the procession of figures honouring the Emperor, around the town hall clock. at noon. There's a lot to visit. It's a fair-sized place, and I saw only the basics; the cathedral , and several other churches, now melded together in my brain. Once again, angels abound. Bavaria must be the cherub capital of the world. There are also a lot of those smirking madonnas; some looking rather sexy in an enigmatic Leonardo way.
Lunched on-yes- Vanilla pudding; a lethal doughy cannonball laced with Nutella, sour cherries, or whatever, and swimming in vanilla sauce. I can no longer digest the greasy potato cakes. (Are they the same as Jewish latkes?) but this was equally unhealthy and scrumptuous.
I saw people touching the big brass ring on the gate around the Schoene Brunnen fountain; obviously a good luck thing, so I did likewise.
St Lorenz is full of entertaining religous art, some of it well gory.
I made it up the hill (cobblestones!) to Durer's house. Interesting, but modernised and digitised to the point that despite the restored medieval rooms, you got little sense of him having lived there. There were many difficult, uneven stairs, which I had to drag myself up and down, but I was bloody determined
Didn't make it to Goethe's house, or many other sights.
It was cold and drizzly. Then it got dark, and I lost my bearings on the way to the coach stop.and ended up going in circles for about an hour, with everyone I accosted giving me different directions. I was panicking pathetically; couldn't get a phone signal, etc.The coach left withgout me, and the poor 'Penguin'  had to stay and collect me. We waited a long time in the freezing murk for the driver to  turn round and pick us up. I was sooo mortified. They were incredibly nice and understanding about it.
It's too difficult to keep typing, because the page keeps going 'Unresponsive'. The scanner of course, is still dead.. Maddening.
Here's  some more info, and nice pics of the Dom. anyway...