December 8th, 2014


To Markets, To Markets...

Crumbs, thirty-four years today since John Lennorn died. I so vividly remember Dead Chris, sloping into the switchboard dungeon, talking about it, but nobody had seen the papers or anything. I laughed, thinking it was one of his dreams, or loopy concoctions.
Off to Germanica in the morning. Nuremberg, Bamberg and Wurtzburg. Hup! May be offline until Sunday night/Monday morning, depending on ease of internet access in the hotel. Whatevah...Really looking forward to it, and I'm a bit less neurotic about it than usual, as it's a coach trip, and I don't have to face any airport horror brain damage.
I'm getting evil meat urges already. A sausage may be consumed in the course of the expedition....
Scanner still semi-working, so here's some doodles...

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