November 23rd, 2014


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Here's a random re-run doodle. I'm getting desperate. I want my PC to work properly, my scanner to work, period, and everything to be connected up correctly. Wa wa wa!
I've been obsessing about Farm Street. I have to re-visit that church. I'm also intrigued by the absurdly posh Connaught Hotel nearby. This stems from a recent reading of Piers Paul Read's Alec Guinness biog. I've read several tomes on him; a strangely intriguing character. I've always thought he was attractive, in his youth, but he would have hated me, and he actually seems a bit pompus, prissy and unpleasant. He was also a terribly pious RC convert, and used to hang out in this Jesuit Church (AND the wee church on Maiden Lane, where I sometimes sought a few minutes' peace and quiet in my switchboard days...) He also stayed at the Connaught when he was in London, and would often treat his chums to meals there. Can you imagine living that sort of life? Fascinatin'...
This weeks' media stuff: Read and enjoyed John Porcellino's THE HOSPITAL SUITE. I've always liked his work; haven't seen enough of it.
I wolfed down season 4 of BOARDWALK EMPIRE. Excellent stuff. I'm surprised it hasn't been more popular. It's a rattling good story, full of violence, skullduggery and sex, with a brilliant cast, and truly lush production values.
I got the first disc of PENNY DREADFUL, too. Another stellar cast, including two of my fave thesps, Simon Russell Beakle and Rory Kinnear, all evidently having great fun hamming it up in this crazed gallimufry of camp 'orror. Every character in the Victorian Gothic canon seems to be hobnobbing  spookily in this dippy rollercoaster ride. It's even a bit suspenseful at times. Lovin' it.
It looks like I may not exercise outdoors today, It would be so nice to have room for a bit of equipment indoors. I had to let my gym subscription go, due to financial woes. I really only used it when the weather was thoroughly wet, so it was a bit of a waste, really. Right now I'm getting nauseous listening to Theresa May on DESERT ISLAND DISCS. Grunt. If she's such a Christian, why is she a feckin' Tory? Her luxury was ' a lifetime subscription to VOGUE'...
HappyHappyJoyJoy. Season 3 of GAME OF THRONES is out on DVD at LAST and I've got it on my LoveFilm 'Priority' list. Yeh! Bring on the dragons!
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